International Society for Bhutan Studies

We are delighted that the ISBS Launch Conference were held from Jan 8-10, 2019 in Oxford. There were also two distinguished lectures at the Sheldonian Theatre on Jan 9, as part of the ISBS Conference. 

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Below you can find some general information about the International Society for Bhutan Studies

Purpose: ISBS seeks to develop the study of Bhutanese culture, life and nature in all aspects and encourage, inspire and motivate interest in lesser known aspects and promote and strengthen the areas of existing concentration. The ISBS exists primarily to encourage academic exchange, and secondarily to contribute to the happiness of future generations.

Publications: The ISBS publishes articles of the highest standards in the Journal of the International Society of Bhutan Studies (JIBS). The articles will be published in an appropriate manner such that they are accessible to scholars of Bhutan.

Conferences: The ISBS will organise international conferences that shall take place every three to four years. The conferences will advance the ISBS aims through domestic and international co-operation between institutions, individual scholars and working groups.

The International Society for Bhutan Studies (ISBS) was founded in Paro, Bhutan in 2015.

Scholarship across disciplines to study and serve